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Charges of Disobedience Stack Up in Article 32 Investigation: BABENHAUSEN, Germany — For Army Pfc. Antilla A. Stallworth, non-judicial punishment and a discharge from the Army were not options. She chose instead to go to trial. The government now says she repeatedly disobeyed orders from her superiors and repeatedly disrespected them, often getting in their faces and arguing. The government says there are enough offenses to warrant 33 violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and a general court-martial. In stark contrast to the charges, Stallworth sat quietly at her Article 32 investigation hearing in Babenhausen on Wednesday as four commissioned officers, one warrant officer and eight non-commissioned officers, spoke of her misdeeds for more than seven hours. Stallworth watched as prosecuting attorney Capt. Derek Brown stacked up page after page of evidence against her.

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