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Off Base Club Restrictions Lifted in Korea: U.S. Forces Korea rescinded an off-limits ban of entertainment districts outside U.S. military bases in South Korea on Friday. The ban had been in effect since the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States. Steve Oertwig, a U.S. Forces Korea spokesman, said the off-limits policy was changed, but he couldn’t say exactly where clubs were open. The command “left it to the discretion of local commanders” as to where the ban would be lifted, he said. Oertwig said on Saturday that a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew remains in effect throughout the command. Before the Sept. 11 attacks, the curfew at Osan and Humphreys and other areas was midnight to 5 a.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 2 to 5 a.m. on Fridays, Saturdays and the day before U.S. holidays. While curfew hours are tighter, bar operators, customers, civic officials and hostesses in Songtan weren’t griping on Saturday. “Anything is better than what it was,” said one bar operator who declined to give his name. “I’ve lost so much money that just to see people coming through the door again is good. Business still is a little slow compared to what it was, but it’ll get better soon, I hope.”

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