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Soldier Claims IG Complaint Cost Him Job: MONS, Belgium — When an Army inspector general asked a group of 39th Signal Battalion noncommissioned officers to tell him what was on their minds, Sgt. 1st Class David Chavez was among those who spoke up. Chavez, then in charge of the battalion’s computer Network Service Center, told Lt. Col. James Mulkey, 5th Signal Command inspector general, that he disagreed with one of his battalion’s promotion policies. Chavez also questioned the unit’s policy regarding the awarding of certain medals, Chavez said. Finally, Chavez told the inspector general that his first sergeant exerted too much control over his senior NCOs. Although Army regulations state that soldiers "often have an expectation of confidentiality" during such inspector general sessions, Chavez believes another soldier reported his comments to his superiors. They, in turn, sought retribution, Chavez said.

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