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Too Old to Fight
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This young guy of about 30-35, gets out of the Marines after Nam. He lives his life like the American dream. When the War on Iraq comes around he goes down to the local recruiting station, and tells the recruiter "I want in, I wanna fight." But the recruiter says "Sorry man your too old."

" Fine." The guy says "I'll go to the Pentagon, I got a friend there, he'll let me in!" So he goes to the Pentagon
and tells his friend, "I want in, I wanna fight." But his friend says "Sorry Buddy, your too old."

Fine the guy says, "I'll buy a boat and row to Iraq!" So he goes out and buys himself a rowboat and starts rowing to Iraq, chanting 'Semper Fi Do or Die OO-RAH-Rah!' over and over again.

Then GOD goes up to St. Peter and says "ST. Peter, what do I to stop this guy?" ST. Peter tells GOD, "Why don't you take his brain?" "It's the soul of all thought."

So GOD takes the guy's brain. It doesn't phase him, 'Semper Fi Do or Die OO-RAH-RAH!'.

GOD then says, "Now what?!" St. Peter replies, "Why don't you take his heart?" "It's the seat of all emotion."

So God takes it. Doesn't phase the guy, 'Semper Fi Do or Die OO-RAH-RAH!'.

GOD then whines, "Now What Should I Do?!" St. Peter smiles and says, "Take his balls."

SO GOD takes the guy's balls. The guy stops rowing, looks around, turns his boat around chanting,

"Be.....all....that you can be."

Submitted by Tammy T.


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