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The first evolutionary stage was the Navy. The sailor was an aquatic creature that spent most of his time in the sea, up to nine months a year. While usually having a mate, the sailor returned to the nest infrequently to procreate and pass on exotic trinkets to his offspring.

The second evolutionary stage was the Marine Corps. This creature is often grouped with the Navy class by some scientists, causing heated debate. While frequently found with the Navy speciman, the Marine was a creature unique from the Navy probably growing legs to operate on the land in the Jurassic Period. The Marine would often leave its family as well, sometimes to join it's Navy cousins in the sea, more often to join other Marines on the ground. The Marine was a highly ritualized creature that still remains mysterious to modern man.

The third evolutionary stage was the Army. Unlike the other two creatures, the soldier disliked the water and chose to remain almost exclusively on the ground. It too strayed from its home often, but always to other dry land locations, where it would fight with other species, or sometimes, attempt to keep two other species from fighting one another. Recently, the soldier has changed its distinctive head-dress, causing some distress in its primitive hierarchy.

The fourth evolutionary stage is the Air Force. Until relatively recently, the airman has been grouped with the Army by researchers. The airman has the ability to fly, but only a select group within the Air Force hierarchy are able to actually fly. Apperently, the rest of the airmen support those capable of flight in various methods. It is unknow if the rest of the group will eventually sprout wings, or if they will remain in their support status.

There is a fifth species, the Coast Guard, but it is unknown to researchers if they are part of the evolutionary cycle or a creature unto themselves.

Joke Courtesy of HMSMARK

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