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The Installation Commander and his wife were out having dinner at the officers club a good-looking blonde came over and open-mouth kissed the husband right in front of the wife and said "I'll see you tomorrow for a nooner right sweetie?" And walked away.

The wife couldn't believe her eyes, "Who was that?" She demanded.

He replied: "My mistress" The wife then told her husband she wanted a divorce.

"That's fine," Said the base commander. "But that means no more shopping at the commissary and base exchange, no more assignments in Europe, and you'll no longer be president of the Officer's Wives Club, and won't be able to lord it over the other wives."

At that moment in walked a colonel with a woman on his arm. When the wife asked who the woman with the colonel was the base commander said, "That's Peter's mistress"

The wife looked back at colonel and his mistress and grinned, "Ours is prettier."


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