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U.S. Military Tax Guide


This publication explains the deduction of certain expenses of moving to a new home because you changed job locations or started a new job. This explanation includes the following topics.

  • Who can deduct moving expenses.
  • What moving expenses are deductible.
  • What moving expenses are not deductible.
  • Tax withholding and estimated tax.
  • How to report your moving expenses.
A filled-in illustration of an example is also shown near the end of the publication.

You may qualify for the deduction whether you are self-employed or an employee. The expenses must be related to starting work at your new job location. However, certain retirees and survivors may qualify to claim the deduction even if they are not starting work at a new job location. See Who Can Deduct Moving Expenses.

Home defined. Your home means your main home (residence). It can be a house, apartment, condominium, houseboat, house trailer, or similar dwelling. It does not include other homes owned or kept up by you or members of your family. It also does not include a seasonal home, such as a summer beach cottage. Your former home means your home before you left for your new job location. Your new home means your home within the area of your new job location.

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Information Courtesy of Internal Revenue Service

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