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Special Medical Standards for Submarine Duty
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Submarine Duty Medical Standards
Military Medical Standards

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The standards listed here are in addition to the normal accession medical standards. Some of the standards have been repeated here for special emphasis.

Causes for Rejection are:

(1) History of chronic inability to equalize pressure manifested by repeated aural barotrauma or persistent ear pain secondary to minor pressure variations (e.g., in aircraft, air lock, or elevator). In instances where a clinical determination cannot be made, the candidate must be subjected to a 27 PSIG (60 FSW) pressure test in a recompression chamber, per article 1 5-66(3) (a).

(2) Inability to satisfactorily pass the pressure test noted above.

(3) Hearing. As for initial acceptance except:

(a) Qualified personnel must demonstrate ability to communicate and perform their duty.

(b) All personnel (applicants or qualified) must have bilateral hearing and be able to understand the spoken word with either ear.

Derived from NAVMED P-117, Manual of the (Navy) Medical Department, Chapter 15, Medical Examinations

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