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State Income Tax Guide for Military Members
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Md. Taxpayer Service
110 Carroll St.
Annapolis, MD 21411
Central Maryland: (410) 260-7980
Others: 800-MD-TAXES

General Information: Military members who are legal residents are taxed using federal income tax rules. (Note: Up to $15,000 of military pay may be exempt if earned while stationed outside of the U.S. or its possessions). Nonresident military members who receive nonmilitary income from an in-state source must file. Military income is not used when computing tax on nonmilitary income. Up to $2,500 of military retired pay for enlisted personnel, over the age of 55, who fall below gross income guidelines. Up to $2,500 of military retired pay may be excluded for those who are 65 years old or order, or totally disabled. SBP benefits are taxed. Visit Web Site.

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