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Navy Enlistment Classification Codes (NEC)
HM-8541 Respiratory Therapy Technician
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Description of NEC: Assists medical officers in treating patients using controlled breathing apparatus that employ medical gases. Performs medical gas therapy, nebulization therapy, mechanical ventilation, and pulmonary function testing. Maintains and is knowledgeable of all safety precautions related to gas storage and handling. Performs minor repair and preventive maintenance on tracheotomy and endotracheal apparatus, ventilator, rubber goods, and electronic monitoring and resuscitation equipment.

Source ratings: HM

Paygrades Authorized to Hold NEC: E3-E6

Training Course: Course Mandatory

Open to Women: Yes

SPECIAL NOTES: NOTE: NEC may be assigned to inactive duty Naval Reservists who: 1) have successfully completed a BUMED-recognized training program and/or is certified by the National Board for Respiratory Care, and 2) is a respiratory therapist or a respiratory therapy technician with documented current clinical competency.

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Information from NAVPERS 1806F
Navy Enlisted Manpower & Classfications Manual


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