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Navy Enlistment Classification Codes (NEC)
HM-8478 Advanced Biomedical Equipment Technician
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Description of NEC: Maintains, repairs and installs mechanical, electromechanical, medical and surgical diagnostic and treatment apparatus, patient monitoring and recording systems. Supervises and conducts preventive maintenance programs, manages repair parts, advises local medical equipment and survey boards, coordinates medical equipment safety programs with local safety officers and renders technical advice and assistance as required. when serving in higher pay-grades, acts as medical maintenance supervisor or inspector.

Source ratings: HM

Paygrades Authorized to Hold NEC: E5-E8

Training Course: Course Mandatory

Open to Women: Yes

SPECIAL NOTES: NEC may be awarded to RAMP participants in Paygrade E-4 upon successful completion of training in civilian institutions Submit EPMAC 1221/2 to NAVRESPERSCEN (Code 42).

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Information from NAVPERS 1806F
Navy Enlisted Manpower & Classfications Manual


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