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Navy Enlistment Classification Codes (NEC)
HM-8467 Occupational Therapy Assistant
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Description of NEC: Assists occupational therapist and/or medical officer in administering occupational therapy. Assists with carrying out established treatment plans for acute and chronic rehabilitation services. Assists with the fabrication and fitting of upper and lower extremity, high and low temperature orthotics; splinting and rehabilitation for tendon lacerations, fractures, burns, and various neuromusculoskelatal disorders. Conducts range of motion and strengthening programs using simulators and work stations. Assists in the management of hypertrophic scarring, edema, hypersensitivity and wound care. Assists in the development and application of psychosocial rehabilitation for psychiatric patients. In wartime, assists in the management of combat stress-related disorders.

Source ratings: HM

Paygrades Authorized to Hold NEC: E4-E7

Training Course: Course Mandatory

Open to Women: Yes


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Information from NAVPERS 1806F
Navy Enlisted Manpower & Classfications Manual


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