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Navy Enlistment Classification Codes (NEC)
HM-8401 Search and Rescue Medical Technician
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Description of NEC: Performs aircrew and emergency medical care functions assigned in support of search and rescue missions. Qualified in Emergency Medical Technician - Ambulance A (EMT-A), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Triage, IV therapy, use of emergency medical equipment, patient handling, and aero-medical evacuation techniques. Must be NATOPS qualified for assigned crew position.

Source ratings: HM

Paygrades Authorized to Hold NEC: E3-E7

Training Course:

Open to Women: Yes

SPECIAL NOTES: The medical standards established by NAVMEDCOMINST 1510.5 Series and the flight standards established by CNO must be met prior to award of this NEC.

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Information from NAVPERS 1806F
Navy Enlisted Manpower & Classfications Manual


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