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Navy Enlistment Classification Codes (NEC)
GM-0989 Guided Missile Launching System MK-26 MODS 0, 1 and 2 Maintenance Technician
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Description of NEC: Operates, inspects and performs organizational and/or intermediate level maintenance on electric-hydraulic powered guided missile launching system, missile equipment and explosive components. Prepares missile components and associated equipment for checkout and/or firing. Inspects and stows warheads, fuses, detonators and rocket motors. Installs explosive components in missiles and operate special handling equipment to transport missiles. Fuels missiles and services their pneumatic and hydraulic components and systems. Tests and repairs electrical control circuitry, electronic and magnetic amplifiers and power supplies, using standard and special test equipment. Personnel in paygrades E-7 and above will supervise the foregoing , organize and monitor system test teams and instruct junior personnel in all aspects of their assigned equipment.

Source ratings: GM

Paygrades Authorized to Hold NEC: E3-E9

Training Course: Course Mandatory

Open to Women: Yes



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Information from NAVPERS 1806F
Navy Enlisted Manpower & Classfications Manual


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