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Navy Enlisted Job Descriptions & Qualifications
Torpedoman's Mate TM
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General Info: Torpedoman's mates maintain underwater explosive weapons such as torpedoes, rockets and missiles and the systems used to launch them. They are also responsible for the safe loading and unloading, shipping and storage of these weapons.

What They Do: The duties performed by TMs include: maintain and repair torpedo launching systems and system components (surface ships' torpedo tubes, and shipping, loading and unloading systems); ensure the safe stowage of weapons; test equipment, using voltmeters, ammeters, meggers and ohmmeters; test and replace portable cable, self-contained relays (plug-in), lamps and fuses; use technical maintenance publications, drawings, schematics and diagrams to locate and identify components and assemblies of electronic equipment, weapons and torpedo launchers; maintain equipment work logs and torpedo record books; inventory torpedo components, tools and test equipment, and requisitioning replacements; use and care for common hand tools, special tools and soldering equipment; perform preventive and corrective maintenance on hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components associated with launching systems; interpret color coding to determine values of capacitors and resistors, and tracing internal connections of power and audio transformers, chassis wiring and multi-conductor cables; test and replace electronic systems; install and remove weapons components from containers; secure and reinstall weapons components in containers; serve as team member performing inspections and final closeout checks on weapons; install and remove torpedo exploder mechanisms; check weapons storage, cooling, ventilating, sprinkler, alarm and dewatering systems.

Detailed List of Required Duties

ASVAB Score Requirements: AR+2MK+GS=194

Other Requirements: Must have normal color perception. Must be eligible for (SECRET) security clearance. No civil or military convictions within the last 36 months. Must be a US Citizen.

Technical Training Information: Enlistees are taught the fundamentals of this rating through on-the-job training or formal Navy schooling. Advanced technical and operational training is available in this rating during later stages of career development.

Course Title Location Calendar Days
TM A Great Lakes, IL 68

Basic technical knowledge and skills of electricity and electronics; operation of torpedoes and launch systems/Group instruction and self-paced and practical application. After "A" school, TMs serve on surface craft and tenders, at aviation activities and in torpedo repair shops in the United States or overseas. During a 20-year period in the Navy, TMs spend about 60 percent of their time assigned to fleet units and 40 percent to shore stations.

Working Environment: Work in this rating is usually performed in a clean, shop-like environment under close supervision. Depending on individual assignments, TMs may work alone or with others.

Opportunity Rating:

E-1 to E-4 E-5 E-6
3 2 2

1 = Currently undermanned
2 = Currently manned at desired levels
3 = Currently overmanned

Note: Levels are as of 10 December 2003. Subject to change without notice.

Advancement (Promotion) Trends

College Credits for Training/Experience

Career Progression

Above Information Courtesy of United States Navy

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