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Navy Career Progression Chart
Rating: STS

Commissioning Programs
Average Time to Promotion
Years of Service
Typical Career Path Development
Fourth Sea Tour (36 Months) and Follow-on Shore Tours
      24 Department Leading Chief, 3M Coordinator, COB, CMC 
      23 Instructor, Recruiting, IMA, RDC, Operational Staff,Acoustic Support, Overseas 
Third Shore Tour (36 Months)
      21 Instructor, Recruiting, IMA, RDC, Operational Staff 
      20 Acoustic Support, Overseas 
    STSCM   19
Third Sea Tour (36 Months)
      18 LPO, Department Leading Chief, 3M Coordinator, COBQualifications Completed: COB 
Master Training (5 months)
    STSCS   16
Second Shore Tour (36 Months)
      15 Instructor, Recruiting, IMA, RDC, Operational Staff, 
  Chief Warrant Officer (E7 over 12)     14 Acoustic Support, Overseas 
    STSC   13
Second Sea Tour (48 Months)
      12 Maintenance Technician, Leading First, LPO 
  Limited Duty Officer (E6 over 8)     11 Qualifications Completed: Chief of the Watch, (COW), Duty Chief Petty Officer (DCPO), Diving Officer of the Watch (DOOW), Contact Coordinator, 
      10 Sonar Supervisor 
    STS1   9
Journeyman Training (up to 12 months)
First Shore Tour (36 Months)
      6 Instructor, Recruiter , RDC, Operational Staff, IMA, Overseas 
  ECP (over 4)   STS2   5
First Sea Tour (54 Months)
  Seaman to Admiral (E4 over 4)     4 Operator, Maintenance Technician 
    STS3   3 Qualifications Completed: Submarine Warfare (SS) and In-rate Watchstations 
  Naval Academy, OCS, NROTC, BOOST   STSSN   2  
  See MILPERSMAN for requirements     1
Recruit Training/Apprenticeship Training (up to 7 months)

Information Courtesy of United States Navy


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