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Navy Enlisted Job Descriptions & Qualifications
Seaman Submarine Program SS
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General Info: The Seaman Subfarer program enlistment option enables men to volunteer for submarine duty while keeping their Navy job options open. This program enables men who have not yet made a career choice to enter the Navy as apprentices. They can then advance through on-the-job training and qualify for one of several Navy submarine ratings.

Obligation. Active duty obligation is four years. Applicants will enlist for four years.

Advancement. Enlistees enlist as E-1s (seaman recruits). Completion of all advancement-in-rate requirements (including minimum time-in-rate) must be completed prior to advancement to E-2, E-3 and E-4. Advancement to E-4 (Petty Officer Third Class) is dependent upon the rating the enlistee eventually qualifies for, but is generally excellent.

Navy Submarine Ratings (Jobs) available through On-the-Job training and/or formal “A” School:

• Electronics Technician (Submarines);
• Fire Control Technician (Submarines);
• Machinist’s Mate (Submarines);
• Mess Management Specialist (Submarines);
• Missile Technician (Submarines);
• Storekeeper (Submarines);
• Sonar Technician Submarines;
• Yeoman (Submarines).

Elite Program. This program is open to men who volunteer for submarine duty. Submarine pay is paid monthly upon the start of Basic Enlisted Submarine School, currently $75.00 to $355.00 (see Submarine Pay chart). All submarine ratings are members of an elite community consisting of highly professional, well-trained personnel. Upon advancement to E-4, submariners receive sea pay in addition to submarine pay.

Career Opportunities. This program has outstanding skills training and development directly transferable to the civilian job sector, either at the end of obligated service or a full 20 to 30 year career. New and exciting career opportunities await the select group of people who possess submarine advanced technology knowledge gained through Navy training. Of course, the longer you stay, the more training, experience, skills, and benefits you will receive. These skills and training are in demand in both the civilian and military career fields.

Some of What They Do:

Seaman Subfarers play a vital role in the overall function of the ship’s daily operations. Some typical duties include:

• Operating the control systems that guide the submarine (carried out under orders and supervision);
• Performing maintenance on the submarine’s line handling equipment, topside safety gear and emergency escape equipment;
• Providing support to the supply department including loading supplies;
• Filling out logs;
• Performing cooking duties with the food services division;
• Working with non-nuclear divisions on the submarine;
• Becoming members of the weapons handling team;
• Standing security watches while in port;
• Receiving instruction in the Navy rating of choice;
• Performing as members of the torpedo battle stations team.

Qualifications and Interests

Higher physical and mental standards are required for Seaman Subfarers than for most other Navy enlistees. Applicants must also demonstrate emotional and mental stability and maturity. Must meet stated medical requirements.

Other qualities Seaman Subfarers should possess include resourcefulness, curiosity, and the ability to work as team members and perform complicated tasks. Seaman Subfarers must be U.S. citizens and eligible for a security clearance.

Working Environment

Seaman Subfarers are assigned to either a Fast Attack or Ballistic Missile submarine for their initial sea tour. They work closely with others and are carefully supervised while performing mainly physical duties.

Career Path After Recruit Training

Enlistee is taught the fundamental skills needed by Seaman Subfarers through on-the-job training, usually aboard a submarine. If he wants to advance he must “strike” for, or go after, a specific submarine rating. He can become qualified in that rating through hands-on training, or in some cases, at a formal Navy “A” school.

When he attains a rating, he is no longer in the Seaman Subfarers program but continues in the submarine service. Advanced technical and operational training is available in all ratings at later stages of career development.

After completing Basic Enlisted Submarine School (BESS), Seaman Subfarers should have the knowledge necessary to become responsible members of a submarine crew. They should know the basic operating principles of the submarine’s systems, the meaning of all ship’s alarms and an understanding of interior communications and damage control.

Technical Training Information:

Course Location Duration
Basic Enlisted Submarine School Groton, CT 4 weeks

After Basic Enlisted Submarine School, Seaman Subfarers are assigned to serve on all types of submarines and to shore facilities in the United States and overseas.

Note: Closed to women.

ASVAB Score Requirements: AR+MK+EI+GS=200 or VE+AR+MK+MC=200

Other Requirements: Security Clearance (SECRET) required. Closed to women. Must be a U.S. Citizen.

Above Information Courtesy of United States Navy

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