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Navy Enlisted Job Descriptions & Qualifications
Religious Program Specialist RP
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General Info: Religious program specialists provide support to Navy chaplains in developing programs to meet the needs of Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard personnel and their families. RPs perform functions that do not require ordination and do no pastoral counseling.

What They Do: The duties performed by RPs include: supporting chaplains of all faiths and religious activities of the command; maintaining records, ecclesiastical documents and references of various faith groups; maintaining liaison with religious and community agencies. assisting in preparation of devotional and religious educational materials, and audio-visual displays; determining, developing, managing and maintaining the administrative and logistical support requirements of religious programs and facilities aboard ships, shore stations, hospitals, Marine Corps units and other sea service commands; providing physical security for chaplains during field exercises and in combat environments; operating and maintaining libraries aboard ships and isolated duty stations; performing bookkeeping and accounting functions related to Religious Offerings Fund and OPTAR fund transactions; as custodians, rigging and unrigging for religious activities; o publicizing the command's religious activities; training command religious program volunteers on logistics and instruction methods; supervising chaplain's office personnel; performing administrative, clerical and secretarial duties; stocking and maintaining field mount-out boxes.

Detailed List of Required Duties

ASVAB Score Requirements: VE+MK=105 or VE+MK+CS=157

Other Requirements: None.

Notes: Must have favorable interview by chaplain/RP screening committee. High school diploma graduate or equivalent with successful completion of 10th grade. Repeat military offenders and personnel convicted by military or civilian authorities of any criminal offense reflecting unfavorably upon their character or integrity are ineligible for the RP rating. Moral turpitude offense(s) are disqualifying. Ministers, Priests, or Rabbis are not eligible for this rating.

Technical Training Information: Enlistees are taught the fundamentals of this rating through on-the-job training or formal Navy schooling. Advanced technical and operational training is required in this rating during later stages of career development.

"A" School Meridian, Ms. 6 weeks Basic skills required in rating Group paced Chaplain and RP Expeditionary Skills Training (CREST)

Course Title Location Calendar Days
RP A Meridian, MS 40

After "A" school, religious program specialists are assigned to serve under Navy chaplains at Navy and Marine Corps fleet units and shore stations throughout the world. During a 20-year period in the Navy, RPs spend about 50 percent of their time assigned to fleet units and 50 percent to shore stations. Note: All applicants must read and understand the Religious Program Specialist Volunteer Statement of Understanding.

Working Environment: RPs work in a variety of environments wherever chaplains are stationed with Navy and Marine Corps personnel. While most of their work is performed indoors, it may also be performed on the deck of a ship, in the field with Marines, in a combat situation or in a hospital. Navy chaplains are non-combatants, but RPs are considered combatant and will receive combat training. RPs protect the chaplain and ensure his or her safety, particularly in combat areas.

Opportunity Rating:

E-1 to E-4 E-5 E-6
1 1 1

1 = Currently undermanned
2 = Currently manned at desired levels
3 = Currently overmanned

Note: Levels are as of 10 December 2003. Subject to change without notice.

Advancement (Promotion) Trends

College Credits for Training/Experience

Career Progression: None Available.

Above Information Courtesy of United States Navy

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