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Navy Career Progression Chart
Rating: AT

Commissioning Programs
Average Time to Promotion
Years of Service
Typical Career Path Development
Fourth Sea Tour (36 Months) and Follow-on Shore Tours
      24 CMC; Maint Master Chief; Wing Staff; Maint Control; DEPT/DIV LCPO 
      23 Duty: Squadron; AIMD; Carrier Air Wing ; "A" or "C" School 
Third Shore Tour (36 Months)
      21 Instructor; Wing Maint Staff; Maint Control; DIV LCPO 
    AV   20 Duty: Fleet Replacement Squadron; AIMD; Wing; "A" or "C" School 
Third Sea Tour (36 Months)
      18 DIV/Branch CPO; QA; Maint Control 
    ATCS   17 Duty: Squadron/Ship AIMD/Carrier Air Wing Staff 
Second Shore Tour (36 Months)
  Chief Warrant Officer (E7 over 12)     14 Instructor; DIV CPO/LPO; Branch CPO/LPO; Recruiter; RDC 
    ATC   13 Duty: Fleet Replacement Squadron/AIMD/"A" or "C" School/RTCQualifications Completed: QAR; Maint/Production Control 
Second Sea Tour (48 Months)
  Limited Duty Officer (E6 over 8)     11 Electronics Technician; Shift Supervisor; QAR; Workcenter LPO; Micro/Min Repair 
      10 Duty: Sqdn; Ship AIMD; AIMD Seaop Det; Overseas Qualifications Completed: EAWS; Workcenter Supervisor; CDI; QAR 
    AT1   9
Journeyman/Advanced NEC Training
First Shore Tour (36 months)
      7 Instructor; Electronics Technician; Recruiter; RDC; "C" School Student (Some receive Journeyman Training) 
      6 Duty: Fleet Replacement Sqdn; AIMD; "A"/"C" School; RTC; Overseas 
  ECP (over 4)   AT2   5
First Sea Tour (48 Months)
  Seaman to Admiral (E4 over 4)     4 Aviation Electronics Maintenance TechnicianDuty: Squadron; Ship AIMD;AIMD Seaop Det; Overseas 
    AT3   3 Qualifications Completed: EAWS 
  Naval Academy, OCS, NROTC, BOOST     2  
  See MILPERSMAN for requirements   ATAN   1 Platform "C" School (Apprenticeship Training)Recruit Training; AT "A" School (AT Core; I or O Level Strand) 

Information Courtesy of United States Navy


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