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Navy Career Progression Chart
Rating: AS

Commissioning Programs
Average Time to Promotion
Years of Service
Typical Career Path Development
Fourth Sea Tour (36 months) / follow on Shore Tours (36 months)
      23 Billet: Prod Ctl LCPO/CMC/Dept LCPO 
      22 Duty: CV /CVN/SQD/AIMD Overseas 
    ASCM   21
Third Shore Tour (36 Months)
      20 Billet: LCPO/Inspector/Staff/Recruiter/Recruit Company CDR 
      19 Duty: TYCOM/AIMD/NRC/NRTC 
    ASCS   18
Third Sea Tour (33 months)
      17 Billet: Prod/Maint LCPO/Dept LCPO 
      16 Duty: CV /CVN/SQD/Overseas AIMD  
Second Shore Tour (42 Months)
  Chief Warrant Officer (E7 over 12)   ASC   14 Billet: Prod Sup/Recruiter/Instructor/Recruit Company CDR/Staff/LPO  
Second Sea Tour (45 months)
  Limited Duty Officer (E6 over 8)   AS1   11 Quals: requalify ESWS / EAWS (NAVADMIN 219/97) 
      10 Billet: Support Equip Tech/WC Sup 
      9 Duty: CV /CVN/Air Capable Ship 
First Shore Tour (36 months)
      7 Billet: Spt Equip Tech/WC Sup/Security/Recruiter/RDC 
    AS2   6 Duty Station: AIMD/NAS/NAVSTA/NRC 
  ECP (over 4)     5
First Sea Tour (48 Months)
  Seaman to Admiral (E4 over 4)     4 Quals: ESWS / EAWS 
    AS3   3 Billet: Support Equip Technician 
  Naval Academy, OCS, NROTC, BOOST     2 Duty: CV /CVN/LPH/LHA/ Overseas AIMD 
  See MILPERSMAN for requirements   ASAN   1
Recruit Training (8 weeks) / ’A’ school (17eeks)‘C’school for AIMD billet

Information Courtesy of United States Navy


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