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Landing Craft, Mechanized and Utility - LCM/LCU

Description: Landing craft are used by amphibious forces to transport equipment and troops to the shore.

Features: Landing craft are capable of transporting tracked or wheeled vehicles and troops from amphibious assault ships to beachheads or piers. LCM's feature a bow ramp for onload and offload. LCU's have both bow and stern ramps for onload/offload at either end.

Background: The use of landing craft in amphibious assault dates from World War II. The craft are carried aboard amphibious assault ships to the objective area.

Point of Contact:
Public Affairs Office
Naval Sea Systems Command
Washington, DC 20361-0701

General Characteristics, LCU 1610, 1627 and 1646 Class

Power Plant:2- Detroit 12V-71 Diesel engines, twin shaft, 680 hp sustained, Kort nozzles
Length: 134.9 feet (41.1 meters)
Beam: 29 feet (8.8 meters)
Displacement: 200 tons (203.21 metric tons) light; 375 tons (381.02 metric tons) full load
Speed: 11 kts (12.7 mph, 20.3 kph)
Range: 1200 miles at 8 knots
Capacity: 170 tons (172.73 metric tons)
Military Lift: 125 tons of cargo
Crew: 14
Guns: 2- 12.7mm MGs
Radar: Navigation:LN 66 or SPS-53; I band.

General Characteristics, LCM 8 Type

Power Plant:2- Detroit 12V-71 Diesel engines; 680hp sustained; twin shafts
Length: 73.7 feet (22.5 meters)
Beam: 21 feet (6.4 meters)
Displacement: 105 tons (106.69 metric tons) full load
Speed: 12 kts (13.8 mph, 22.2 kph)
Range: 190 miles at 9kts full load
Capacity: 180 tons (182.89 metric tons)
Military lift: 1- M48 or 1- M60 tank or 200 troops
Crew: 5

General Characteristics, LCM 6 Type

Power Plant: 2- Detroit 6-71 Diesel engines; 348 hp sustained; twin shaft, or 2- Detroit 8V-71 Diesel engines; 460 hp sustained; twin shaft
Length: 56.2 feet (17.1 meters)
Beam: 14 feet (4.3 meters)
Displacement: 64 tons (65.03 metric tons) full load
Speed: 9 kts (10.3 mph, 16.6 kph)
Range:130 miles at 9 kts
Military lift: 34 tons (34.55 metric tons) or 80 troops
Crew: 5


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