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U.S. Navy Mines

Description: Mines are used as an anti-ship or anti-submarine, subsurface weapon

Background: The MK56 ASW mine (the oldest still in use) was developed in 1966. Since that time, more advances in technology have given way to the development of the MK60 CAPTOR (short for "encapsulated torpedo"), the MK62 and MK63 Quickstrike and the MK67 SLMM (Submarine Launched Mobile Mine). Most mines in today's arsenal are aircraft delivered to target.

Point of contact:
Public Affairs Office
Naval Sea Systems Command (00D)
Washington, DC 20360

General Characteristics MK67 SLMM Submarine Launched Mobile Mine

Primary Function: Destroy enemy shipping.
Additional Background: The SLMM was developed as a submarine deployed mine for use in areas inaccessible for other mine deployment techniques or for covert mining of hostile environments. The SLMM is a shallow water mine consisting basically of a modified MK37 torpedo.
Type: Submarine laid bottom mine.
Detection System: Magnetic/seismic or Magnetic/seismic/pressure target detection devices (TDDs).
Dimensions: 19 inches x 161 inches (48.5 centimeters x 409 centimeters)
Depth Range: Shallow water
Weight: : 1658 pounds (754 kilograms)
Explosives: 510 pounds (230 kilograms) of high explosive
Date Deployed: 1987

General Characteristics MK65 Quickstrike

Primary Function: Destroy enemy shipping.
Additional Background: The Quickstike is a family of shallow water aircraft laid mines used primarily against surface craft. The MK65 is a 2,000 lb mine. Other Quickstrike versions (MK62, MK63, and MK64) are converted general purpose bombs of the 500 lb. and 1000 lb. sizes.
Type: Aircraft laid bottom mine.
Detection System: Magnetic/seismic/pressure target detection devices (TDDs) are used on various models.
Dimensions: 29 inches (across the fins) x 128 inches (74 centimeters x 325 centimeters)
Depth Range:Shallow water
Weight: : 2390 pounds (1086 kilograms)
Explosives: Various loads
Date Deployed: 1983

General Characteristics MK60 CAPTOR

Primary Function: Destroy enemy shipping.
Additional Background: The CAPTOR is the Navy's primary anti-submarine weapon. This deep water mine is designed to be laid by aircraft or submarine, and is anchored to the ocean floor. Upon detection of a hostile submarine, the CAPTOR launches a MK46 Mod 4 torpedo.
Type: Aircraft, ship or submarine laid magnetically moored mine.
Detection System: Reliable acoustic path (RAP) sound propagation.
Aircraft / Ship laid: 21 inches x 145 inches (53 centimeters x 368 centimeters)
Submarine laid: 21 inches x 132 inches (53 centimeters x 335 centimeters)
Depth Range: Deep water
Weight: : Air / Ship laid: 2370 pounds (1077 kilograms); Submarine laid: 2056 pounds (935 kilograms)
Explosives: 96 pounds (44 kilograms) of PBXN-103 high explosive in a MK46 torpedo.
Date Deployed: 1979

General Characteristics MK56

Primary Function: Destroy enemy shipping.
Type: Aircraft laid moored mine
Detection System: Total field magnetic exploder.
Dimensions:22.4 inches x 114.3 inches (57 centimeters x 290 centimeters)
Depth Range: Moderate depths
Weight: 2000 pounds (909 kilograms)
Explosives:360 pounds (164 kilograms) HBX-3
Date Deployed: 1966


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