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Navy & Marine Corps Awards and Decorations
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal
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This medal is awarded to members of the Armed Forces of the United States who: 1) Served for 6 months in South Vietnam during the period 1 Mar 61 and 28 Mar 73; 2) Served outside the geographical limits of South Vietnam and contributed direct combat support to the RVN Armed Forces for an aggregate of six months. Only members of the Armed Forces of the United States who meet the criteria established for the AFEM (Vietnam) or Vietnam Service Medal during the period of service required are considered to have contributed direct combat support to the RVN Armed Forces; 3) Did not complete the length of service required in item (1) or (2) above, but who, during wartime, were: a) Wounded by the enemy (in a military action); b) Captured by the enemy during action or in the line of duty, but later rescued or released; c) Killed in action or in the line of duty; 4) Were assigned in Vietnam on 28 Jan 73, and who served a minimum of 60 calendar days in Vietnam during the period 29 Jan 73 to 28 Mar 73.

The medal is gold-plated with two stars, one overlaid on the other, each star composed of six points. The stars' points above are white enameled in relief with gold border. The stars' points underneath are carved in relief, gold-plated, with many small brass angles directed toward the medal's center. The inside of the frame is green with the outline of the Vietnamese country gold-plated and a red flame with three rays upright in the center. On the reverse are the words "Vietnam Campaign Medal." The ribbon is edged with green stripes, and alternate green and white stripes with a white center. A rectangular, silver-plated medal device on the suspension ribbon denotes the period of war (for example "1960 - "). A similar but smaller device with the last two digits of the inclusive years of the war, "60 - ," is worn on the ribbon bar.

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