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Navy & Marine Corps Awards and Decorations
Naval Reserve Meritorious Service Medal
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Authorization. The NRMSM was authorized by SECNAV on 22 June 1964. Originally SECNAV approved a National Naval Reserve Policy Board Item in 1960 for the award as a ribbon in recognition of Naval Reservists on inactive duty for fulfilling with distinction certain stipulated requirements. The NRMSM is intended to provide Naval Reservists an award equivalent to the Good Conduct Medal.

Eligibility Requirements. The initial date for computation of service is 1 July 1958. Between 1 July 1958 and 1 January 1996, the period of eligibility for the subject award was 4 years. Subsequent to 1 January 1996, the period of eligibility is 3 years. The medal may be awarded to an enlisted Naval Reservist who, subsequent to 1 January 1996, meets the following minimum requirements:

(1) Performs three periods of active duty of not less than 12 consecutive days each, unless any period or portion of a period is waived by Commander, Naval Reserve Force or his delegated authority. Any combination of annual training (AT), active duty for special work (ADSW) satisfies the annual requirement. AT completed prior to 31 August 1994 must have been for periods of not less than 12 consecutive days unless waived by competent authority for reasons not initiated by the individual reservist.

(2) Attends a minimum of 90 percent of all scheduled drills each year prior to 1 October 1997, and a minimum of 85 percent thereafter, with an organized unit of the Naval Reserve, for 3 consecutive years (authorized equivalent instruction or duty may be credited in lieu of drills). Assignments to Records Review of 6 months or less may be counted towards eligibility for this award, provided the member maintains eligibility for a satisfactory year towards retirement by completing correspondence course. A period of eligibility interrupted for 6 months or more will result in a new 3-year period beginning with date of return to a drilling status. Situations not covered in this article should be addressed to BUPERS (PERS-913) for resolution.

(3) When a member of the Naval Reserve is ordered to active duty, temporary active duty or initial active duty for training, such period(s) will be credited toward fulfillment of the requirements prescribed above under the following conditions:

(a) The active duty consists of at least 30 days;

(b) The member must have earned some credit toward an award while in an inactive duty drilling status, except for personnel enlisted in reserve programs with no drilling obliga­ tion prior to reporting to active duty for Two Year General Detail (GENDET), Three Year Enlistment Apprenticeship, Sea/Air Mariner (SAM), or TAR Enlistment (TEP) Programs. Personnel enlisted in these programs may receive credit towards the NRMSM for periods of active duty or active duty for training (ACDUTRA) performed provided such a period is less than 3 years.

(c) Upon completion of the 3-year eligibility requirement for the award while on continuous active duty, the member may not qualify for subsequent awards without returning to an inactive duty drill status. Continuous active duty may be applied toward the award of a Navy Good Conduct Medal.

(4) Active duty time credited toward the award of the Navy Good Conduct Medal may not be credited toward eligibility for the NRMSM. Active duty time not credited toward award of the NGCM may be credited toward the NRMSM provided the member affiliates with the Selected Reserve within 90 days of discharge or release from active duty and has met all other requirements for the NGCM.

Conduct and Performance

Member must have a clear record for the period of eligibility (no convictions by courts-martial or NJP). If the service record contains a record of courts-martial or NJP, the 3-year period shall begin with the date of completion of the courts-martial sentence or NJP.

No enlisted performance evaluation mark below 2.0 in any trait subsequent to 31 December 1995, or below 3.0 in military knowledge/performance, rating knowledge/performance, reliability, military bearing, personal behavior, and directing between 31 August 1983 and 31 December 1995 (or equivalent when other than numerical values are assigned).

Attachment. A 3/16-inch bronze star is worn on the suspension ribbon and ribbon bar to denote each subsequent award. Upon receiving the sixth award, a 3/16-silver star is worn on the suspension ribbon and ribbon bar. Seventh and subsequent awards will be denoted with 3/16-bronze stars, centered on the suspension ribbon and ribbon bar outboard of the silver star.

Certificate. A certificate shall be prepared for each award earned. The member’s rate, name, branch of service and number of the award shall be centered in the appropriate spaces. The ending date of the period of the service for which the award was earned shall be centered after “Awarded for service completed on.” The commanding officer’s name, rank and branch of service shall be typed above “Commanding Officer,” and his/her signature affixed.

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