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Navy & Marine Corps Awards and Decorations
Navy Recruit Service Training Ribbon
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Authorization. Established by SECNAV 13 March 1998.

Eligibility Requirements.

(1) General. Awarded to enlisted personnel of the United States Navy assigned to Recruit Training Command (RTC), Naval Training Center, Great Lakes.

(2) Specific. Awarded to personnel serving as Recruit Division Commander (RDC) upon completion of a successful tour of duty.

(3) Definitions. For the purpose of determining eligibility for this award, the following definitions apply:

(a) Recruit Training Service Duty. Personnel assigned as RDC. Support personnel, company assistants, echelon supervisors, liaison officers, instructors, or other personnel attached to RTC are not eligible for this award.

(b) Successful Tour of Duty. The RDC must have completed a minimum of five divisions trained over a minimum tour length of 3 years.

(c) Personal Standards. The RDC must have maintained outstanding personal standards without disciplinary incidents throughout the tour.

(d) Prescribed Time Period. Tour completion must be as of 01 October 1995.

c. Examples of Qualifying Service.

(1) An RDC completes his/her tour on 30 September 1995. Not eligible due to tour completion date; no waivers.

(2) An RDC successfully completes a 4-year tour which started on 01 October 1992. Eligible; other parameters being met his/her tour completion date is after 01 October 1995.

(3) An RDC trains three divisions and then moves to a billet as Instructor or battalion staff. Not eligible due to minimum divisions trained; minimum is five.

(4) An RDC trains 14 divisions from 30 September 1994 to 20 August 1997, and is medically released from duty or the service. Not eligible; the tour is less than 3 years.

(5) An RDC trains 6 divisions from October 1991 to October 1993, moves to Recruit Liaison from October 1993 to October 1995, and moves back to RDC for three more divisions from October 1995 to October 1996. Eligible; all other parameters met, 5-year tour and over five divisions.

(6) An RDC completes nine divisions in 3 years after 01 October 1995, but received non-judicial punishment during the tour; not eligible for disciplinary reasons.

(7) An RDC completes nine divisions in 3 years after 01 October 1995, but sporadically did not meet Physical Readiness standards; eligibility determined by CO RTC. The outstanding personal standards, i.e. a non-disciplinary item, are determined by the awarding authority.

Precedence and Subsequent Awards. The Navy Recruit Training Service Ribbon will be worn after the Recruiting Service Ribbon and before the Armed Forces Reserve Medal. Second and subsequent awards will be denoted by 3/16-inch bronze stars. No citation or certificate will be issued.

Awarding Authority. The Commanding Officer of RTC is designated as the awarding authority.

Retroactive Awards. This award will not be approved for tours completed prior to 1 October 1995 under any circumstances.

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