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Military Medical Standards for Continued Service
Psychoses, Psychoneuroses, Other Axis I Diagnosis, and Other Mental Conditions
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The following medical conditions could result in initiation of a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB), and could result in medical discharge:

All psychiatric evaluations must include social and industrial impairment (S & I). In cases subject to administrative separation, the member's commander contacts the local Military Personnel Unit and Staff Judge Advocate for specific citation authority.

Psychoses. Any psychotic episode.

Psychoneuroses (affective, anxiety, somatiform, dissociative, eating, or psychosexual disorders). Persistent or recurrent, requiring hospitalization or the need for continuing psychiatric support. (Incapacity because of neurosis must be distinguished from weakness of motivation or underlying personality disorder). NOTE: RC Members who require medication to function are deemed not Worldwide Duty/Mobility qualified.

Disorders of Intelligence. Individuals determined to have primary mental deficiency or special learning defect which interferes with the satisfactory performance of duty are unsuitable and subject to administrative separation. They must be referred to their unit commander.

Other Mental Conditions. Unsatisfactory duty performance due to disorders of character or behavior, personality disorders, transient situational reactions, personality disruptions, emotional instability, sexual perversion or habit reactions render an individual unsuitable and subject to administrative separation. Interference with effective duty performance is dealt with through appropriate administrative channels. Alcoholism that interferes with effective duty performance renders an individual unsuitable and subject to administrative separation. Provisions for rehabilitation and disposition are in appropriate directives.

MEB evaluation is indicated in those instances when medical complications or sequelae of alcoholism (for example, recurrent jaundice or ascites, esophageal varices, chronic pancreatitis, organic central nervous system (CNS) disorders, etc.) preclude satisfactory performance of duty and worldwide assignability.

Drug dependency renders an individual unsuitable and subject to administrative separation. MEB evaluation is indicated in those instances where drug dependency is the proximate result of a neurotic, psychotic, or organic medical condition.

"Flying phobia" of sufficient magnitude to preclude military air transportation is dealt with administratively unless the condition is the proximate result of a psychotic disorder or a bona fide primary neurotic disorder.

Above Information Derived from Air Force Instruction 148-23

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