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Military Medical Standards for Continued Service
Blood, Blood-Forming Tissue, and Immune System Diseases
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The following medical conditions could result in initiation of a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB), and could result in medical discharge:

Anemia, symptomatic.

Leukopenia, chronic.

Hemolytic disease, chronic. Symptomatic or with recurrent crises.

Polycythemia, symptomatic.

Purpura and other bleeding disorders.

Thromboembolic disease.

Splenomegaly, chronic, inoperable.

Other such diseases when response to therapy is unsatisfactory or when therapy is prolonged or requires intense medical supervision such as use of anticoagulants other than aspirin or persantine.



Sickle cell disease and heterozygous sickling disorders other than sickle cell trait are disqualifying. NOTE: Those individuals with sickling disorders who develop symptoms attributable to the trait must undergo MEB evaluation. (Refer to paragraph 10.10.2. for ARC members).

Above Information Derived from Air Force Instruction 148-23

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