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United States Marine Corps (USMC)

Officer Job Descriptions

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MOS 9985, C4I Planner*

a. Summary. C4I Planners serve in selected billets which provide the G-6/S-6 with additional sources within the command staff section for the planning, coordination, and monitoring of C4I systems. This MOS may to be assigned as a skill designator MOS by CMC.

b. Requirements/Prerequisites. Complete the USMC Command and Control Systems Course (CCSC), Communications Officer School, Quantico, VA, after the 1992 academic year.

c. Duties

(1) Plan and coordinate:

(a) C4I systems support requirements,

(b) C4I systems support for external and higher headquarters,

(c) C4I systems to support a MAGTF commander as a joint task force commander,

(d) C4I systems to support a MAGTF commander as a component commander,

(e) C4I systems support for joint/combined operation,

(f) C4I systems support for expeditionary operations,

(g) C4I systems integration (all phases),

(h) information dissemination (all phases),

(i) intelligence dissemination,

(j) systems architecture/connectivity,

(k) air command and control systems,

(l) interoperability of USMC and USN C4I systems,

(m) systems/information security,

(n) advanced planning for employment and sustainment of new C4I systems prior to fielding,

(o) prioritization of the electromagnetic spectrum.

(2) Assist in the development of plans for employment of electronic warfare systems.

d. Related DOT Classification/DOT Code. No civilian equivalent.

Information Derived From MCO P1200.7V Part 1. Current as of Nov 00

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