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United States Marine Corps (USMC)

Officer Job Descriptions


MOS 9701, Joint Specialty Officer Nominee

MOS 9702, Joint Specialty Officer (JSO)

MOS 9802, Director/Assistant Director, The President's Own, U.S. Marine Band

MOS 9803, Staff Officer, The President's Own, U.S. Marine Band (II/III)

MOS 9805, U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps Officer (II/III)

MOS 9815, Recruiting Officer (III)

MOS 9820, Billet Designator - political Military Officer

MOS 9822, Regional Affairs Officer - Former Soviet Union*

MOS 9823, Regional Affairs Officer peoples Republic of China*

MOS 9824, Regional Affairs Officer - Middle East/North Africa*

MOS 9825, Regional Affairs Officer - Sub-Saharan Africa*

MOS 9826, Regional Affairs Officer - Southwest Asia*

MOS 9827, Regional Affairs Officer - Western Europe*

MOS 9828, Regional Affairs Officer - Eastern Asia (Excluding Peoples Republic of China)*

MOS 9829, Regional Affairs Officer - Eastern Europe (Excluding Former Soviet Union)*

MOS 9901, Basic Officer

MOS 9904, Colonel, Logistician (I)

MOS 9905, Special Assignment Officer

MOS 9906, Colonel, Ground (I)

MOS 9907, Colonel, Naval Aviator/Naval Flight Officer (I)

MOS 9910, Billet Designator - Unrestricted Officer

MOS 9911, Billet Designator - Unrestricted Ground Officer

MOS 9913, Special Services Officer

MOS 9914, Colonel, Judge Advocate (I)

MOS 9925, Range Officer (III)

MOS 9930, Billet Designator - Air Control/AntiAir Warfare Officer

MOS 9935, Special Technical Operations (Officer)

MOS 9936, Substance Abuse Control Officer*

MOS 9940, Basic Foreign Area Officer*

MOS 9941, Foreign Area Officer-Latin America*

MOS 9942, Foreign Area Officer-Former Soviet Union*

MOS 9943, Foreign Area Officer-Peoples Republic of China*

MOS 9944, Foreign Area Officer-Middle East/North Africa*

MOS 9945, Foreign Area Officer-Sub-Saharan Africa

MOS 9946, Foreign Area Officer-Southwest Asia*

MOS 9947, Foreign Area Officer-Western Europe*

MOS 9948, Foreign Area Officer-East Asia (Excluding Peoples Republic of China)*

MOS 9949, Foreign Area Officer-Eastern Europe (Excluding Former Soviet Union)*

MOS 9950, Combat Artist (Officer)

MOS 9952, SCUBA/UBA Marine (Officer)

MOS 9953, Parachutist/SCUBA/UBA Marine (Officer)

MOS 9954, Hazardous Material/Hazardous Waste (HM/HW) Officer*

MOS 9955, Psychological Operations Officer*

MOS 9956, Ground Safety Specialist (Officer)

MOS 9957, Acquisition Professional Candidate*

MOS 9958, Acquisition Management Officer (AQMO) (I)*

MOS 9959, Acquisition Manager*

MOS 9962, Parachutist Officer

MOS 9965, Billet Designator - Fixed-Wing Pilot

MOS 9966, Billet Designator - Naval Flight Officer

MOS 9967, Billet Designator - Helicopter Pilot

MOS 9969, Billet Designator - Any Pilot/Naval Flight Officer

MOS 9973, Fixed-Wing Transport Aircraft Specialist, KC-130J (Officer)*

MOS 9975, Information Computer Security Specialist (Officer)

MOS 9980, Surveillance Sensor Officer*

MOS 9981, Tactical Data Systems Specialist (Officer)*

MOS 9985, C4I Planner*

I - Indicates MOS suitable for assignment to unrestricted Regular/Reserve Officers.

II - Indicates MOS suitable for assignment to LDOS

III - Indicates MOS suitable for assignment to regular/reserve warrant officers

* - Indicates MOS is a "skill designator MOS" (Sub Skill)

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