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United States Marine Corps (USMC)

Officer Job Descriptions

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MOS 7502, Forward Air Controller/Air Officer (I)*

a. Summary. Forward air controller/air officers direct and control close air support missions and advise commanders of ground units on matters pertaining to air support.

b. Requirements/Prerequisites. This MOS is to be assigned as a skill designator MOS only to naval aviators and naval flight officers upon completion of the Amphibious Tactical Air Control Party Course at NAB, Coronado, San Diego, CA or NAB, Little Creek, VA.

c. Duties

(1) Advises commanders of ground units on the suitability of targets as objectives tar aircraft, types of aircraft best suited for particular missions, and on marking of targets and front-line positions.

(2) Maintains liaison with ground intelligence officers to obtain information on enemy positions, location of targets, position of front lines, and time aircraft are needed for strike.

(3) Arranges air support missions by contacting aviation units and giving number and type of aircraft needed, target information, armament desired, and time of attack.

(4) Directs and controls aircraft on a support mission by radio communication from a forward position.

(5) Observes and reports the results of strikes.

(6) Coordinates all aviation assault support missions for ground units.

d. Related DOT Classification/DOT Code. No civilian equivalent.

Information Derived From MCO P1200.7V Part 1. Current as of Nov 00

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