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United States Marine Corps (USMC)

Officer Job Descriptions

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MOS 0430, Embarkation Officer (II/III)

a. Summary. Embarkation officers plan and execute the unit movement of personnel, supplies, and equipment by all modes of transportation (e.g., land, sea, and air). They prepare loading and embarkation plans that meet tactical logistical requirements. They prepare and execute strategic mobility plans to deploy and sustain the MAGTF. They serve as embarkation officers at the regiment, aircraft group, separate battalion, MEU, MarDiv, MAW, and FSSG level. They serve as combat cargo officers (CCOs) on amphibious staffs and ships. They coordinate and conduct unit-level embarkation training. They serve as Embarkation/Strategic Mobility Instructors at the Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools (MCCSSS), Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Pacific (EWTGPac), and the Navy Amphibious School Pacific (NAVPHIBSCOL, Coronado, CA). They can be assigned to serve at the Transportation Command (USTC) and its Transportation Component Commands (TCCs): Air Mobility Command (AMC), Military Sealift Command (MSC), and Military Traffic Management Command (MTMC). Embarkation/strategic mobility officers analyze, translate, and execute commanders' operational requirements into a movement reality to support any mission accomplishment. They articulate the MAGTF mobility needs to Higher Headquarters, Unified/Specified Commanders, and the Transportation Component Commands. As the mobility specialist for the Marine Corps, their liaison with or assignment to USTC and its TCCs provide an effective and beneficial interface by the most qualified persons to address Marine Corps movement requirements. This MOS is technical in nature and require years of experience to become proficient. Officers with a primary MOS of 0402 will not be assigned MOS 0430 as an additional MOS.

b. Requirements/Prerequisites

(1) Complete the Logistics/Embarkation SNCO/NCO Course, Logistics Operations School, Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools, Camp Lejeune, NC (unless completed previously).

(2) This MOS may only be assigned to warrant officers who were previously qualified in one of the following MOSs: 0411, 0431, 0451, 0481, or 0491.

(3) Skill progression schools/courses available to and required (as indicated) for embarkation officers include:

(a) Transportation of Hazardous Material Course, Navy Supply Corps School, Athens, GA (this course, (b), or (c) is required).

(b) Defense Packaging of Hazardous Material for Transportation Course, School of Military Packaging Technology (SMPT), Aberdeen, MD (this course, (a), or (c) is required).

(c) Transportation of Hazardous Material Course, Air Force Military Training Center, Lackland, AFB, TX (this course, (a), or (b) is required).

(d) Intermodal Dry Cargo Container (CSC) Reinspection Course, U.S. Army Defense Ammunition Center, McAlester, OK.

(e) AMC Affiliation Training for Equipment Preparation and Airload Certification, taught by a Mobile Training Team (Air Force), (required every two years (Air Force)).

(f) Shiploading and Stowage Course, U.S. Army Transportation School, Ft Eustis, VA.

(g) USAF Air Mobility Operations Course, McGuire AFB, NJ (required).

(h) Ocean Transportation and Marine Terminal Operations Course, U.S. Army Transportation School, Ft Eustis, VA.

(i) Landing Force Staff Planning Course-MAGTF, EWTGLant, NAB Little Creek, Virginia Beach, VA.

(j) Landing Force Combat Service Support (CSS) Staff Planning (MEU) Course, EWTGPac, NAB Coronado, San Diego, CA.

(k) Maritime Prepositioned Force (MPF) MEFFWD Staff Planning Course, ETWGPac, NAB Coronado, San Diego, CA.

(l) Transportation Officers Advanced Course (TOAC), U. S. Army Transportation School, Ft. Eustis, VA.

(m) Joint Planning Orientation Course (JPOC), taught at various locations. Quota control is HQMC (code POC-30), at DSN 224-2116.

(n) Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES), taught at various locations; nine days. Quota Control is HQMC (code POC-30) at DSN 224-2116.

(o) Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures (MILSTAMP) Over, Short, and Damage Procedures, Navy Supply Corps School, Athens, GA or U.S. Army Transportation School, Ft Eustis,

(p) Advanced Logistics Officer's Course (ALOC), Marine Corps Combat Development Command, Quantico, VA.

c. Duties. For a complete listing of duties and tasks, refer to MCO 1510.61C, Individual Training Standards.

d. Related DOT Classification/DOT Code

(1) Manager, Operations 184.117-050.

(2) Manager, Traffic 184.167-094.

(3) Director, Transportation 184.117-014.

Information Derived From MCO P1200.7V Part 1. Current as of Nov 00

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