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United States Marine Corps Weapons & Equipment

AN/PVS-7B Night Vision Goggles (NVG)

Primary function: Image intensifying, passive binoculars which allow the operator to perform tasks at night or under low light level conditions.
Manufacturer: ITT, Roanoke, Virginia; Litton, Tempe, Arizona
Length: 5.9 inches (14.99 centimeters)
Width: 6.1 inches (15.49 centimeters)
Height: 3.9 inches (9.91 centimeters)
Weight: 24 ounces (.68 kilograms)
Magnification: 1x
Man-Sized Target: 100 meters
Vehicle-Sized Target: 500 meters
Man-Sized Target: 300 meters
Field of view: 40° (circular)
Power Source: Mercury, Nickel Cadmium, or Lithium Battery (2.7V) (BA-5567 or AA Cells)
Operation time: 12 hours on one 2.7 volt battery
Unit Replacement Cost: $6,000

Features: The AN/PVS-7B is a single-tube night vision goggle, Generation III image intensifier which uses prisms and lenses to provide the user with simulated binocular vision. The Marine Corps is acquiring the AN/PVS-7B, a model which incorporates a high light level protection circuit in a passive, self-contained image intensifier device which amplifies existing ambient light to provide the operator a means of conducting night operations.
A shipping case, soft carrying case, eyepiece and objective lens cap, and filter are ancillary items. A demist shield is also provided to prevent fogging of eyepiece.

Inventory: 2,300

Background: The AN/PVS-7B represents the current state of the art in night vision goggles. Initially, it will augment the AN/PVS-5 NVG, and over time, it will replace the AN/PVS-5. The Marine Corps is interested in procuring a clip-on Night Vision Magnification Device (NVMD) to satisfy the need to see targets at the maximum effective range of its weapons.

Information and Photos Courtesy of United States Marine Corps


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