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United States Marine Corps Weapons & Equipment

Modular Sleeping Bag (MSB)

Primary function: Provides Marines with a lighter, more compact sleeping system.
Manufacturer: Tennier Industries, Inc.
Storage Cube: 1991 cu. in.
Weight: 4.5 lbs.
Unit Replacement Cost: $119

Features: The Modular Sleeping Bag (MSB) System is a two-bag system consisting of a lightweight outer patrol bag (temperature rated to 30° F) and an intermediate inner bag (temperature rated to -10° F). The bags can be used independently or mated together to form the extreme cold weather bag rated to -30° F. The MSB incorporates the latest sleeping bag technology using lightweight polyester fibers for insulation. It is hydrophobic (water hating) and light, weighing less than 7 pounds. It comes with a compression stuff sack for easy stowage.

Planned Inventory: Active duty forces and schools - 129,324; Reserves - 42,848

Background: The bag will replace the heavier water absorbing intermediate cold weather and extreme cold weather bags while reducing weight by up to 7 pounds. The MSB will give commanders the flexibility to deploy to a wide range of climates knowing their Marines will rest in warmth and comfort.

Information and Photos Courtesy of United States Marine Corps


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