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Marine Corps (USMC) Enlisted Job Descriptions
MOS 8811, Firefighter
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Summary. The firefighter performs various duties incident to firefighting and fire prevention. Participates as member of a crew in controlling and extinguishing fires.

Requirements/Prerequisites. Complete appropriate firefighting/fire prevention course and obtain certification as a firefighter I/Fire Inspector I from a DOD Fire and Emergency Services Certification Program or other approved fire training agency.


(1) GySgt to Pvt:

(a) Performs firefighting/fire prevention duties as assigned.

(b) Performs daily checks and routine maintenance on fire apparatus as required and or assigned.

(c) Uses fire reporting procedures detailed in OPNAVINST.

(d) Files and logs correspondence, records, and reports.

(e) Operates firefighting equipment such as pumps, hoses, extinguishers, ladders, self contained breathing apparatus, and hose reels.

(f) Employs proper type hoses, extinguishers, forcible entry tools, and other firefighting equipment; and performs rescue and salvage work.

(g) Fills fire extinguishers with appropriate agent when required.

(2) GySgt and SSgt:

(a) Updates Status boards and charts.

(b) Prepares fire reports (OPNAVINST 11320.25) and reports of inspections.

(c) Examines electrical wiring and heating units for faulty insulations, and fuel leakage of improper installation.

(d) Recommends changes or modifications to existing conditions to reduce fire hazards.

(3) GySgt:

(a) Conducts investigations and prepares written reports on causes of fires, property destroyed, or damaged and corrective measures required to prevent future occurrence of similar fires.

(b) Inspects barracks, buildings, and adjacent areas on military installation for fire hazards; and advises corrective measures for improperly stored flammable materials, blocked exits or aisles, and accumulation of combustible waste.

(c) Prepares official correspondence.

(d) Determines and recommends when fire investigations are required MCO P11000.11.

(e) Establishes and supervises a two-platoon firefighting department and fire prevention branch.

(f) Takes total responsibility for fire suppression and prevention at the installation.

(g) Performs as the chief fire officer.

Related DOT Classification/DOT Code

(1) Firefighter 373.364-010.

(2) Fire Inspector 373.367-010.

Related Military Skill. Aircraft Firefighting and Rescue Specialist, 7051.

Information Derived From MCO P1200.7V Part I and Part II.

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