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Marine Corps (USMC) Enlisted Job Descriptions
MOS 8653, Reconnaissance Man, SCUBA/UBA Qualified
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Summary. Reconnaissance man, SCUBA/UBA qualified, participate in reconnaissance activities to gain information of the enemy and terrain. Utilize SCUBA/UBA, when appropriate, in the execution of reconnaissance missions.

Requirements/Prerequisites. Qualified as a reconnaissance man, MOS 0321, and SCUBA/UBA Marine, MOS 9952.

Duties. SgtMaj/MGySgt to Pvt: Executes undetected submerged approaches to, and withdrawal from, enemy held coastal areas by use of SCUBA/UBA.

Related DOT Classification/DOT Code. Reconnaissance Crewmember.

Related Military Skill. SCUBA/UBA Marine, 8653.

Information Derived From MCO P1200.7V Part I and Part II.

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