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Marine Corps (USMC) Enlisted Job Descriptions
MOS 8511, Drill Instructor
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Summary. Drill instructors supervise and instruct or assist in commanding and instructing a recruit platoon.


(1) Must meet the prerequisites prescribed in MCO 1100.76.

(2) Gunnery sergeants holding category "B" MOSs and serving in the category "B" billets, who are promoted to first sergeants, may retain the category "B" MOS until completion of their current assignment. Upon completion of that assignment, they will retain only the 9999 MOS.

(3) At the master sergeant to sergeant level, complete Drill Instructor School.

(4) Once voided, category "B" MOSs may not be reassigned without prior approval from the CMC (MM).


(1) SgtMaj/MGySgt to Sgt:

(a) Conducts recruit training for newly enlisted personnel following the recruit training schedules and orders.

(b) Instructs and assists in training basic combat tasks to recruits.

(c) Trains recruits in the fundamentals of service life and the development in the recruit of discipline, physical fitness, pride, and love of the Marine Corps and country.

(d) Trains recruits in close order drill.

(e) Instructs in nomenclature, disassembly, assembly, and functioning of small arms and assists in marksmanship instruction.

(f) Instructs in general orders for sentinels, interior guard duty, personal hygiene, first aid, military bearing and neatness, and care of clothing and equipment.

(g) Lectures on Marine Corps history and tradition, customs of the service, military courtesy, and U.S. Navy Regulations.

(h) Assists in conduct of parades, reviews, and bayonet drill.

(i) Maintains records and prepares reports.

Related DOT Classification/DOT Code. Recruit Instructor 378.227-014.

Related Military Skill. Marksmanship Instructor, 8531.

Information Derived From MCO P1200.7V Part I and Part II.

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