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Marine Corps (USMC) Enlisted Job Descriptions
MOS 7372, First Navigator
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Summary. First navigators determine positions by use of navigational instruments and charts, celestial observations, dead reckoning or by use of electromagnetic navigational equipment, and directs the course of aircraft in flight. Navigators of tactical transport aircraft engaged in aerial refueling, first navigators are responsible for the direct control of the tactical receiver aircraft to and from the aerial rendezvous area.


(1) Must possess a GT score of 110 or higher.

(2) Must have a secret security clearance.

(3) Must meet the requirements of OPNAVINST 3710.7 and the USN Manual of the Medical Department.

(4) Complete the Marine Aerial Navigator Course at Randolph AFB, TX, or an equivalent formal course of another military service.

(5) Must be qualified as a first class swimmer.

(6) Complete a NATOPS evaluation.

(7) Must be a U.S. citizen.

(8) Volunteer to fly as enlisted aircrew.


(1) MGySgt to Sgt:

(a) Prepares navigational equipment for flight by checking drift sight, compass, electromagnetic navigational equipment, and sextant.

(b) Obtains aeronautical charts and publications used for the flight.

(c) Prepares preflight navigation data by checking the courses and weather.

(d) Computes deviations from course caused by weather conditions such as wind drifts and forecasted atmospheric changes.

(e) Adjusts, aligns, and calibrates instruments used as navigational aids in aircraft.

(f) Navigates aircraft.

(g) Utilizes electromagnetic and astral navigation equipment while in flight.

(h) Keeps an accurate log of each flight.

(i) Reads weather sequence reports, weather maps, wind charts, and prognostic charts.

(j) Utilizes and cares for flight survival equipment.

(k) Uses firefighting equipment aboard transport aircraft.

(l) Assists pilot in servicing and inspecting for flight/postflight.

(m) Forecasts fuel consumption (including orbit fuel required and maximum give away fuel in refueling operations).

(n) Maintains the position of tanker aircraft at the aerial refueling control point by precomputational methods and dead-reckoning in the refueling area.

(o) Acquires contact with, identifies and vectors tactical receiver aircraft until visual contact is made with the tanker aircraft, and then directs tactical aircraft to their next destination.

(p) Uses voice radio and message procedure.

(q) Supervises preparation of passengers and aft part of aircraft for ditching.

(r) Assists the pilot in reporting weather en route.

(s) Prepares flight plans and determines estimated times en route.

(t) Instructs students in all preceding qualifications.

(2) MGySgt to GySgt: Supervises and coordinates functions of a navigation department in a transport activity.

Related DOT Classification/DOT Code. Navigator 196.167-014.

Information Derived From MCO P1200.7V Part I and Part II.

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