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Department of Defense Regulations
DoD Instruction 1325.7, "Administration of Military Correctional Facilities and Clemency and Parole Authority,"
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This Instruction: 1. Reissues DoD Instruction 1325.7 of December 17, 1999, to implement policy, assign responsibilities, and prescribe procedures under references (a) and (b) to carry out the administration and operation of military correctional programs and facilities and the administration and operation of military clemency and parole programs. 2. Deletes automatic classification of officers and cadets as Level III prisoners. 3. Implements statute requiring prisoners with sentences of life without parole to be confined for 20 years before being considered for clemency. 4. Requires supervised release for prisoners not granted parole prior to their minimum release date except when supervision is deemed inappropriate by a Service Clemency and Parole Board.

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