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Coast Guard Enlisted Job Descriptions
Yeoman (YN)
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Good human resources management is vital to our organization. Find great satisfaction in being a key problem-solver, counselor and source of information to personnel--on questions ranging from career moves, entitlements and incentive programs to retirement options and veteran's benefits. Typical areas of responsibility include payroll certification and delivery; preparing military travel orders and arranging transportation, including shipment of household goods; preparing correspondence; and maintaining files and administrative records.


Prioritization and organization skills are highly desired. Good interpersonal skills a must. Ability to use computers extensively to research issues on the Internet and the CG Intranet, prepare spreadsheets and word processing documents, and perform data entry and retrieval.

ASVAB Score Requirements: VE+AR OF 106 AND NO+CS OF 101


A self-paced course of instruction lasting from four to six weeks in Petaluma, CA. You may also elect "strike" the rate (on-the-job training), to attain the rank of Third Class Petty Officer after succesfully completing requirements.

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