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Coast Guard Enlisted Job Descriptions
Storekeeper (SK)
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As a Storekeeper, you'll be responsible for providing and accounting for the constant stream of supplies, clothing, commissary items and spare parts necessary to keep the Coast Guard running. You'll be the Coast Guard's expert purchasing agent and accountant.


Typing and an aptitude for practical mathematics are desired. Inventory experience is a plus, although not required.

ASVAB Score Requirements: VE+AR OF 106 (MINIMUM VE OF 52)


This instructor lead, self-paced apprentice level course at SK A-School in Petaluma, CA. introduces basic skills in the following: Requisitioning of supplies and services, property management, inventory management, material shipping and receiving, material handling equipment, financial data entry and maintenance of financial records, hazardous material management, correspondence, leadership, and personal wellness. Students will train on computers utilizing Coast Guard specific and commercial software applications.

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A-School Information

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