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Coast Guard Enlisted Job Descriptions - Upcoming Changes
Information Systems Technician (IT)
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The Information Systems Technician (IT) Rating is responsible for establishing and maintaining Coast Guard systems that collect, store, process and forward all voice, data and video information. This includes the hardware and software used to process information. Members of the IT rating are responsible for supporting Coast Guard computer systems, analog and digital voice systems (telephones and voice mail) and are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the physical network infrastructure that ties the systems together. In addition, members of the IT rating at sea support tactical command, control, communications and computer systems being used to accomplish the Coast Guard’s cutter missions.

ITs are stationed throughout the Coast Guard, including Alaska and Hawaii. ITs work out of large and small shops, Communications Area Master Stations, and on all major Cutters. The large shops are called Electronics Systems Support Units (ESUs) and smaller shops known as Electronic Systems Support Detachments (ESDs); From these units ITs are dispatched to Coast Guard shore units, SAR Stations, and cutters to maintain, repair, or install their computer and telephone equipment.


To be an IT, you should have an interest in telephone and computer systems, an aptitude for detailed work, and be above average at solving mathematical problems. You must have normal color vision. Practical experience or prior training in telephone or computer systems maintenance and repair is helpful, but not required.

ASVAB Score Requirements: MK + EI + GS = 171 (Minimum AR 52)


Being an Information Systems Technician requires a vast knowledge of electrical theory along with practical hands on skills needed to manage, repair, maintain, and install telephone systems, network cabling and computer systems. IT ‘A’ School is one of the longest in the Coast Guard at twenty-five weeks. Located in Petaluma, CA (just 1 hour north of San Francisco) personnel will learn how to install the Coast Guard’s standard computer system image on server and client work stations, how to maintain Microsoft Exchange servers, how to install telephone and network copper and fiber optic cable, and will learn how to perform moves, adds and changes on private branch exchange and electronic key telephone systems. Coast Guard “C” schools are available to mid career ITs who are responsible for maintaining telephone services such as voice mail, auto attendant, voice mail upgrades, telephone class of service modifications. At mid career, high performing ITs may compete for selection to the Advanced Computer, Engineering, and Technology education program, which provides 2 years, full-time, paid for college for the member to obtain an Associates or Bachelors degree in Engineering or Technology.

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Above Information Courtesy of United States Coast Guard

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