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Coast Guard Enlisted Job Descriptions
Health Services Technician (HS)
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Health Services Technicians provide routine and emergency healthcare services in large Coast Guard clinics or small sick bays, ashore or on cutters. Services could include direct medical care for personnel and families; assisting medical and dental officers; performing diagnostic testing, x-rays and clinical lab tests; prescribing medications; administering immunizations; performing minor surgical procedures and much more.

If assigned to independent duty, you will provide for "your" crew's medical needs. You may be involved in search-and-rescue or medical-evacuation missions.


Desire to help people needing medical and dental attention. Meticulous attention to detail. Pleasing personality and ability to work closely with others. Medical or dental experience is helpful. School courses in practical mathematics, hygiene, biology, physiology and chemistry are an advantage.

ASVAB Score Requirements: VE+MK+GS OF 154


Begin with 13-weeks of HS A-School at Petaluma, CA. Intensive training in anatomy and physiology, patient examination, evaluation and treatment, and pharmacology. Learn the techniques and hands-on skills required to fulfill your duties. Next, you'll be assigned to a unit with a large clinic to sharpen your skills.

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A-School Information

Above Information Courtesy of United States Coast Guard

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