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Navy College Tuition Assistance Program
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The following information contains details on the New Navy Tuition Assistance Program, effective 1 October 2002:

1. Tuition assistance (TA) is an important benefit for sailors pursuing education during their off-duty time. The TA program provides a significant opportunity and is a strong commitment to the professional and personal development of our sailors. Effective immediately, navy will pay 100 percent of tuition costs and all required fees charged by educational institutions for course enrollments, with the following stipulations:

A. Payment for tuition and fees will not exceed $250.00 per semester hour.

B. There will be a fiscal year funding limit of 12 semester hours (or equivalent) per individual.

C. TA will cover fees that are published, mandatory and charged for course enrollment. TA funds will not be used to purchase textbooks or reading materials.

2. Waivers to semester hour limits will be considered for exceptional circumstances. Waiver requests must be submitted via the applicant's commanding officer to NETC and must contain the following:

- name, rank/rate, social security number/designator;
- additional semester hours requested;
- course title(s) and description(s);
- current degree program;
- semester hours completed to date and required to complete current degree program;
- transcripts from current degree program (summary is acceptable if request is submitted via rmg);
- commanding officer's justification for exception.

3. Since program funding is limited, all hands are highly encouraged to pay close attention to benefit usage and to make maximum use of voluntary education programs (NCPACE, gi bill, etc.) And the college level examination program (CLEP). By passing CLEP examinations covering more than 150 subject areas, sailors may earn one-third or more of the credits required for a college degree. Additionally, DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) carry American Council on Education (ACE) college credit recommendations, which may be accepted for individual degree programs. Service members should explore all off-duty education options by visiting local navy college offices or calling the navy college center toll-free at dsn 922-1828 or 1-877-253-7122 between the hours of 0600 - 2100 (CST), 7 days a week (except Christmas, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving, and July 4th) or via internet at https://www.navycollege.navy.mil.

Above Information derived from NAVADMIN Message #349/02, October 2002


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