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Navy Enlisted Promotion System
E-4 to E-9 Promotion Point Computation Chart
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Navy Enlisted Promotions
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In the Navy, promotions to the paygrades of E-4 through E-7 are competitive. That means sailors compete against other sailors, within their same rating (job) for available promotion slots. In order to determine who gets promoted, the Navy, like the other services, use promotion points.

Basically, there are limited promotion vacancies within each paygrade for each job. When determining who gets promoted, those with the most promotion points are the ones who get the stripes.

One of the factors used in promotion point computation for promotions to the ranks of E-4 through E-6 are promotion points for awards, medals and decorations. The following chart shows the promotion points awarded:

Award Promotion Points Maximum Number that Can Be Used for Promotion Points Notes
Medal of Honor 10    
Navy Cross 5    
Distinguished Service Medal or 4    
Silver Star Medal 4    
Legion of Merit 4    
Distinguished Flying Cross 4    
Navy and Marine Corps Medal 3    
Soldier's Medal 3    
Bronze Star Medal 3    
Purple Heart 3    
Defense Meritorious Service Medal 3    
Meritorious Service Medal 3    
Gold Life Saving Medal 3    
Joint Service Commendation Medal 3    
Commendation Medal 3    
Executive Letter of Commendation 2 max 1 note 1
Joint Service Achievement Medal 2    
Achievement Medal 2    
Combat Action Ribbon 2    
Aviation Aircrew Insignia 2   note 2
Navy Fleet Marine Force Ribbon 2    
Air Medal (Strike/Flight) 1 max 5  
T-AFS Tour 1   note 3
Letter of Commendation (Flag/Senior Executive Service) 1 max 2 note 1
Recruiter Duty 1   note 4


Note 1 - A maximum of two points for letters of commendation signed by a flag, general or Senior Executive Service (SES) officer will be credited to the awards factor for E-4, E-5, and E-6 candidates only. A letter must be specifically identified as a letter of commendation and must describe noteworthy commendable accomplishments (beyond the usual requirements of duty) or exceptional displays of energy, judgment, or initiative. Command awards (such as Battle "E", Golden Helm Award, Robert S. Gray Award, and so forth), subsequently issued as individual letters of commendation, do NOT qualify for award credit. Further, the fulfillment of routine duties or tasks (e.g., letters of commendation issued in conjunction with outstanding PRT accomplishment) or the completion of required courses of instruction/training requirements will NOT qualify for award point credit. A distinction must be made between personal letters or certificates signed by a flag, general or SES officer in recognition and appreciation for a task or project and a letter of commendation which is distinctly awarded as a personal citation. Normally, printed certificates will not meet the criteria for award-point credits. Certificates should be titled "Letter of Commendation."

  • Executive Letter of Commendation awarded by the President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of any U.S. military service, or military heads of any U.S. military service (2 points)
  • Gold and Silver Wreath awards signed by flag officers are considered Letters of Commendation.

Note 2 – Awards point credit for these designations will be applied as long as eligibility for the designation is maintained. When multiple awards are earned, a maximum of 2 points may be awarded.

Note 3 - Candidates currently serving or who have served permanent change of station (PCS) on a T-AFS tour on or after 10 April 1991.

Note 4 - Maximum of 1 point may be awarded to recruiters who successfully completed a tour of recruiting on or after 1 May 1989. An award point may also be granted to canvasser recruiter personnel who complete a minimum of 3 years of recruiting duty.

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