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Marine Corps Tuition Assistance Program
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All active duty marines (to include selected Marine Corps Reserve enlisted Marines on continuous active duty) are eligible for TA per policies established herein. TA is authorized for officers only if they agree to remain on active duty for two (2) years after completing the TA funded course. Eligibility and funding for active duty members of other military services are established in accordance with the other military services' TA policy.

TA funding policy

TA funds are authorized up to 100% of tuition, instructional fees, laboratory fees, computer fees and mandatory course enrollment fees combined, not to exceed $250 per semester hour equivalent and $4,500 per individual per fiscal year. Mandatory course enrollment fees are those refundable fees charged by the institution that are directly related to the enrollment in a course offered by that institution. Servicemembers are responsible for the portion of tuition and other costs not funded by TA. Funding combinations for the various voluntary education programs will not exceed the fiscal
year cap.

A semester hour is the equivalent of 15 clock hours. TA will fund a maximum of $16.67 per clock hour. A semester hour is the equivalent of .66-quarter hours. TA will fund a maximum of $166.67 per quarter hour. Tuition for courses less than or equal to 18 weeks in length will be funded up front. Tuition for courses longer than 18 weeks, or self-paced courses will be reimbursed to the student following successful completion of the course.

Tuition for study leading to a valid high school credential or diploma will be fully funded (100%) up to a maximum of $4,500 per individual per year.

TA funds are authorized for vocational-technical, undergraduate, graduate, independent study, and distance learning programs. Courses must be offered by institutions accredited by agencies recognized by the United States Department of Education.

TA funds are authorized for study toward a certificate or degree at a higher academic level than that currently held by the servicemember. If the academic institution requires prerequisites, TA may fund up to nine (9) semester hours or equivalent of those prerequisites for the next higher academic level of study. The servicemember must provide the education officer with an official letter from the institution listing required prerequisites. The education officer shall determine if funding is warranted and shall retain the letter on file.

Servicemembers eligible for the Montgomery GI bill (MGIB) may use their MGIB benefit to offset that portion of tuition and related fees not covered by TA. Members enrolled in MGIB must clearly print "TA Top-Up" across the top of the TA authorization and forward a copy to their veterans administration regional office. All first time Top-Up applicants must also forward a MGIB application, VA Form 22-1990. Servicemembers will work with VA directly for settlement. Although MGIB may be used to offset TA, TA is not authorized to offset that portion of MGIB not paid by VA. There must be a TA dollar contribution in order for TA top-up to apply.

TA funds are not authorized for continuing education units, developmental courses, or preparatory courses.

TA funds are not authorized for courses that end after the servicemember's EAS (discharge date).

TA funds are not authorized for books.

TA is not authorized for personnel awarded a punitive discharge, in confinement, on appellate leave, or awaiting administrative separation, other than honorable or general discharge under honorable conditions. TA is not authorized for servicemembers convicted by foreign or domestic courts, serving sentences in foreign prisons, or pending administrative vice punitive discharges.

TA funds will be recouped from the servicemember for failed courses, incomplete courses, or courses from which the member voluntarily withdrew. Recoupment for duty related withdrawals may be waived for a servicemember. The servicemember must submit proof, such as TAD or PCS orders, and a letter endorsed by his or her commanding officer. The Education Officer will determine if a duty waiver is warranted.

Recoupment for undergraduate grades of "F" and graduate grades of "D" and below will not be waived.

An individual must have no more than two outstanding grades at any given time. An outstanding grade is defined as a grade not received within 30 days after the completion date of a course.

All first time students must complete a "TA Orientation" class (College 101) prior to using TA. Marines on major installations may access the course at local education offices. Marines at remote sites (Non-Marine Corps installations) may access the course via www.usmc-mccs.org, Lifelong Learning, Military Tuition Assistance or www.usmc-ccs.org/perssvc/per_serv_main.html, (Lifelong Learning), Military Tuition Assistance. Remote on-line users will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate will be faxed to the appropriate Lifelong Learning (LL) Center with the initial TA request for processing and authorization.

Marines with a GT of 99 and below must complete the test of adult basic education with scores of 10.2 and higher to receive TA. If the test score is not satisfactory, marines must complete military academic skills program prior to receiving TA.

To continue using TA, Marines must have a written degree plan before exceeding 12 semester hour equivalent courses.

Above Information Courtesy of U.S. Marine Corps


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