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Marine Corps Enlisted Promotions
Self-Education Promotion Points
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Just like the Army, the Marines award promotion points for completion of military and civilian education courses.

Basic Information

Bonus points will be awarded to Marines who have completed courses substantiated by appropriate documentation of completion (i.e., certificate.)

Only bonus points completed since promotion, reduction, or reappointment upon reenlistment to the current grade will be utilized. The exception will be for those Marines who are returned to active duty from the temporary disability retired list. Their bonus points will be used, since they will continue the service for which they were previously contracted.

Completion of a formal resident school (e.g., NCO leadership or MOS qualifying school) does not count for points toward the composite score because these schools are not completed through self-education efforts. A maximum of 75 points may be awarded between MCI and college courses combined.

A course may only be used one time, regardless of how many times the Marine has actually taken it.

Following is a list of approved courses with the assigned bonus points for each:

Self-Education Promotion Points
Course Promotion Points
MCI Course or other military service correspondence course (to include subcourses) 1.5
CLEP Test (Each Portion) 1.0
College Course (Semester or Quarter) 1.0
Vocational School Course (Semester) 1.0


1. No points will be awarded for high school-related courses or for courses taken prior to promotion, reduction or reappointment to the current grade.

2. For command-directed enrollment in the Marine NCO or Personal Finance MCI course, the commander will credit Marines with 1.5 bonus points for successful completion of such courses.

3. U.S. Navy Ratings Courses are equivalent to completion of MCI correspondence courses. The commander will credit Marines with 1.5 bonus points for successful completion of such courses. The grade sheet will be used as documentation of completion.

4. For Marines who have been disenrolled from the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) program, MCI courses completed while in the NROTC program will not be applied to the computation of the composite score. These Marines have returned to an enlisted status, and only courses completed in the current grade prior to enrollment and subsequent to disenrollment will be counted.

5. Where MCI has a program which is comprised of two or more courses, points will be awarded for each course completion for LCpls and Cpls only. Each course completion must be annotated on the education page of the service record book.

6. Enlisted Marines who participate in the BOOST program are considered for promotion under the composite score system; however, courses completed while enrolled in this program are not considered as self-education and bonus points are not applicable.

7. No points will be awarded for PADI certification or any other type of SCUBA course of instruction.

8. No points will be awarded for the Navy Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (NADSAP), regardless if attendance was not mandatory.

9. Contact the CMC (MMPR-2) concerning other type correspondence courses.

Above Information Derived from MCO P1400.32C, Marine Corps Enlisted Promotion Manual

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