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Marine Corps Physical Fitness Standards


Age Pull Ups Sit Ups 3-Mile Run
17-26 3 50 28 MIN
27-39 3 45 29 MIN
40-45 3 45 30 MIN
46+ 3 40 33 MIN


Age Flexed Arm Hang Sit Ups 3-Mile Run
17-26 15 Secs 50 31 MIN
27-39 15 Secs 45 32 MIN
40-45 15 Secs 45 33 MIN
46+ 15 Secs 40 36 MIN

Pullups/Chinups. The participant may be assisted to the bar by a step up, by being lifted, or by jumping. The force of the jump will not be used to continue on into to the first pullup/ chinup. The bar is grasped with both palms facing either forward or to the rear, the arms are fully extended, and the feet are free of the ground. One repetition consists of raising the body with the arms until the chin is above the bar and lowering it until the arms are fully extended again. Repeat as many times as possible. Kicking motions such that the feet and/or knees do not raise above the waist level are permitted as long as the pullup remains a vertical movement. The body will be kept from swinging by an assistant holding an extended arm across the front of the knees of the Marine on the bar. Hand position may be changed during the exercise providing the individual does not dismount the bar or receive assistance from another party. Resting is permitted in the up or down position but resting with the chin supported by the bar is prohibited.

Flexed Arm Hand. The individual stands on a support or, if necessary, is assisted by others to reach the starting position. The bar may be grasped in any manner the individual desires, but both palms must face in the same direction. The elbows are flexed so that the chin is over or level with the bar. Once the individual is set in the starting position, the support or assistance is removed and she attempts to maintain elbow flexion for as long as possible. The score is the length of time in seconds that some degree of flexion at the elbow is main- tained. The chin may not rest on the bar during the exercise.

Sit-ups. Time limit is two minutes for male and female Marines. In the correct starting position, participants are on their backs with their shoulder blades touching the deck, knees flexed and both feet flat on the deck. The arms are folded across and remain against the chest or rib cage with no gap between the forearms and the chest or rib cage when raising the upper body. One repetition consists of raising the upper body from the starting position until the elbows or forearms touch the thighs and then returning to the starting position with the shoulder blades touching the deck. No bouncing or arching of the lower back is authorized, and the buttocks will remain in constant contact with the deck throughout the exercise. An assistant may hold the feet or legs below the knees in whatever manner is most comfortable for the participant. Kneeling or sitting on the feet is permitted.

Information Derived from MCO 6100.3J W/CH 1-3


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