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Child Support and Alimony

Federal law authorizes the pay of active, reserve, and retired members of the military and the pay of civilian employees of the Federal government to be garnished (or attached) for the payment of child and/or spousal support. The law is found at 42 U.S.C. 659, and the implementing regulations are found at 5 C.F.R. Part 581.
In order to implement a garnishment or wage attachment against any member of the military or any civilian employee of the Department of Defense (DOD), an income withholding order, or similar process, must be served upon DFAS at the following address:

Defense Finance and Accounting Service
Cleveland Center, Code L
PO Box 998002
Cleveland, Ohio 44199-8002
(216) 522-5301 (Customer Service)

The order submitted cannot be the divorce decree or other order that directs the individual (debtor) to make the payment. Rather, the order must direct the government, as the employer, to withhold moneys and remit payments to satisfy the support obligation. The withholding order need not name the specific government office in which the obligor is employed. The order must provide the appropriate information about the person to receive payment.
In order for your withholding order to be processed, it must include the debtor's full legal name and social security number. Other identifying information concerning the debtor, such as a home or work address, would expedite the processing of the order. Also, please be sure to include your return address on any correspondence, not only on the mailing envelope.

Questions concerning the child support and alimony processes can be directed to (216) 522-5301.

Garnishment Operations Facsimile (FAX) Information: Fax Phone Number: Commercial (216) 522-6960 or DSN 580-6960.

In improving the processes in the Garnishment Operations we are now using a fax gateway directly into our Electronic Document Management System. To ensure your document is processed in a timely and efficient manner you must include the following information on the fax document and follow the additional guidance provided:

Member/Employee Social Security Number (SSN) - Court Orders/Documents will not be processed if the SSN is not on the document
Return Phone Number
Return Fax Number
Ensure original documents are clear and legible
In each fax transmission, include only correspondence for one member or employee (if you have multiple documents for one member, they can be sent on one fax transmission)

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