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High-Tempo Deployment Pay
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As part of the Fiscal Year 2000 Military Appropriations Act (four years ago), Congress passed a provision that mandated that DOD pay members $100 per day for any days they are deployed that exceed 400 days in any 740 day period.

However, Congress also gave the President the authority to suspend this requirement if he/she felt it was necessary due to National Security.

Shortly after 9/11, President Bush suspended the High-Tempo Deployment Pay for the entire duration of the "War on Terrorism."

In short, unless Congress acts specifically to eliminate the President's power to suspend this provision, don't expect to see anyone paid the "High-Tempo Deployment Pay."

Even though the President has suspended High-Tempo Deployment Pay, federal law requires that the military services track and provide approval procedures for exceeding specified deployment lengths.

Military members who will be deployed in excess of 182 days in the previous 365-day period must be managed by the lowest ranking general / flag officer in their chain of command. If they will be deployed 220 days in the previous 365 days period, they must first receive the approval of the Vice Chief of Staff of ther service or a designated four-star general/admiral.

For the purposes of high-tempo deployment pay, deployment is defined in the law as "any day on which, pursuant to orders, the member is performing service in a training exercise or operation at a location or under circumstances that make it impossible or infeasible for the member to spend off-duty time in the housing in which the member resides when on garrison duty at the member’s permanent duty station." A member is not "deployed" if the member is performing service as a student or trainee at a school, TDY for conferences, exhibits, or meetings (at any location), or performing administrative, shift work, guard or detail duties in garrison at the member’s permanent duty station.

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