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Navy Basic Enlisted Submarine School
Typical Daily Schedule
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Here is the typical daily schedule for students at the Navy's Basic Enlisted Submarine School (BESS), conducted at Groton, CT. The 26-day course is required for all enlisted sailors before assignment to serve on a U.S. Navy Submarine. The course covers basic boat's operation, such as boat fundamentals, propulsion, hydraulics, habitability, etc.

Generously contributed by Aaron Slater (ASLATER), a member of our Message Forum.

0445-0510: Wake-up (variable, set your own alarm). Head call 'n Shave. Iron utility shirt. Make racks. Dress into PT Gear.

0515-0525: Class muster.

0530-0645: BESS muster. Morning chow.

0700-0750: PT on the ball field. More rigorous than RTC PT. Compare to RTC IT.

0755-0840: Back to room for showers. 8 people, 2 rooms, 1 shower & commode. Dress into Utilities. Clean floor, desks, head, etc.

0845-1030: Classes.

1045-1145: Afternoon chow. May run to NEX after eating at the galley if time permits.

1200-1600: Classes.

1600-1750: Evening chow at own choosing, afternoon liberty.

1800-2100: Night study (Mandatory)

2100-2200: Liberty.

2200: Taps, Lights out, In rack.

NOTE: you will most likely have watch on your duty days (once every 6 days) in the middle of the night. you get LESS sleep in BESS than you do at RTC.


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